Using whole genome sequencing to uncover undiagnosed disease


The human genome is a blueprint of the DNA unique to each individual. The recent ability to read that blueprint ushers in new possibilities for personalized healthcare. In response to the growth in genomic medicine, The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, was established in 2015. Physicians may now order whole genome sequencing for patients with disorders benefitting from such an analysis. Order a test today.


Genomic medicine will in the near future become the standard of care for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab’s vision is to provide access to genomic data to physicians, healthcare institutions, and patients to improve health through diagnostic and eventually preventive care.




The mission of The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab is to provide the highest-quality genome sequencing and interpretation to patients and to continue to improve the speed of data turnaround while increasing the rates of diagnosis.

Advantages of the HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab

The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab provides high quality, state of the art whole genome sequencing with a turnaround time of 90 days for interpreted results. The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab leverages the expertise of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology’s highly-experienced scientists, clinicians, and analysts working in one of the top four genomic sequencing laboratories in the United States. 


The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab, LLC., is located on the campus of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Note that HudsonAlpha is a tobacco-free campus.