How do I ship a sample?

  1. Please contact us at or through our contact form to have your facility registered as a provider. Basic information as well as provider ID will be required.
  2. Samples may be submitted from a clinical collection lab as blood or purified DNA. For submission of blood, Beckton Dickinson ® Vacutainer EDTA Tubes are requested (lavender or pink) with lavender preferred. Also accepted is BD Vacutainer Specialty Tube (yellow). Heparin is a powerful PCR inhibitor and co-purifies with DNA. Therefore, blood collected in Heparin-coated tubes should not be submitted.
  3. Label samples with two unique identifiers, typically a patient’s name and date of birth.
  4. Package the forms, the sample and include a signed medical provider order (required for clinical sample processing). You can find the CSL’s test request form here.
  5. Print and sign the Hazardous Declaration Form to include with your shipment. Samples shipped without this document will be discarded.
  6. Pack samples as diagrammed at the side.
  7. Ship samples overnight to the address below. We advise shipping no later in the week than Wednesday in case a carrier delay causes samples to sit over the weekend.
  8. Shipping address: HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab, LLC, 601 Genome Way, Room 3023, Huntsville, AL 35806